12 Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

Web Development

Google Chrome has recently gained a lot of popularity in the web browsing world. Since long Firefox was the first browser choice for people but recently Google Chrome took the top position due to its advantages and outstanding features. Google Chrome has made it possible for its users to download tools according to their need. Chrome Web Store always offers you with latest options of best resources and tools on the web. Here we are going to focus on the extensions that are available on Chrome Web stores and are very useful for Web Designers.

Chrome Extensions for Web Designers:

ruul. Screen Ruler


ruul is a simple onscreen ruler for web designers to measure line height, strokes and anything on the web. You will get 4 color options for the ruler.

Rescue Time


It is a personal analytics service that will help you understand the time you are spending on your computer, smart phone or any other device. The extension is available for OS X, Android, Linux, Windows and Chrome OS.

Web Developer


Installing Web Developer, a toolbar will be added in your browser which consists of various web developing tools. This is also the official port of the Web Developer extension for Firefox.

Alexa Traffic Rank


It’s a free extension introduced by Alexa which provides the Alexa page rank and includes you in the Alexa’s traffic panel. And most importantly you will be getting quick and easy access to a site’s Alexa traffic rank and sites linking in.

Resolution Test


This extension allows web developers to view any website in any resolution. In fact a web developer can test any website with different screen resolution. A list of commonly used resolutions are already loaded and rest you can customize according to you.

Screen Capture by Google


An awesome extension by Google which helps in capturing visible tab, a specific region of a web page or the whole page as a PNG image format. Also there are options to edit the PNG image before saving.

Evernote Web Clipper


Here its makes easier to clip any website or an article interesting on web. In fact you can save anything online in your Evernote account with just a single click. The most amazing thing is that if even the website get’s closed you will still have the element saved in your Evernote account.



This extension helps in manipulating any website’s design using custom CSS. You can choose any element you want to make or edit. And if you are an advance user then you are going to get some extra advantages. Yes you can write the CSS codes manually.



As a web developer it is very usual to check the web pages repeatedly. But this process of repeating over and over can be very tiring. But iMacros helps you with saving the last records in it. So the next time you can repeat with just a single click.

What Font


This extension helps any web designer or developer to identify a font in any website. So with just some clicks you will get the name of the font, a website is using which you can also use in your future projects.

Instant Wireframe


You can now turn any webpage into a wire frame with just one click. This awesome extension helps the designers and developers any web pages with wire frame overlay.

Code Cola


Code Cola helps you to view the source code of what you have been working on and it also features a CSS editor which helps in editing Webpage’s CSS style and sees the changes instantly.