20 Best iPhone 6 Apps


iPhone 6, a new legend in the world of technology. Yes legend in the sense that till now all the products created by Apple Ins. have remained as a legend in the tech market. Recently they have released their new flagships in the form of iPhone 6 and 6 plus. The new iPhone is loaded with A8 processing chip that makes the phone more powerful and great in performance. But an iPhone becomes a power packed weapon only when you load it with some fantastic apps from the app store.  So if you have already taken the new iPhone 6 then follow the list to know about some  best iPhone 6 Apps  here.



It is a popular iOs twitter client. The app comes with outstanding features like muting, theme, timeline sync and multiple accounts. The app is updated for iOs 8 and available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Dark Sky


Dark Sky is probably the best weather app we have seen in app store. It comes loaded with some outstanding features and style which is very hard to find in other iOs weather apps. But the only disadvantage of this app is that it is now only available for UK, US and Ireland.



This app is great for you to manage your credentials as well as bank account information and credit card numbers in a full secured way.



Fantastical is a great alternative for stock calendar app which supports all natural language entry. You will also a get a widget option of this app in iOs 8.



It’s probably the best task management app available in the store. Besides helping you with task management, the app also helps in sharing with various services. The app comes full free and but to get some advanced features you should go for premium plan.



You can take notes; capture your idea and kind of thought. You can even share the text with some other apps and devices as well. This is overall an interesting app and serves with its great features.



You will get a lot of navigation apps available in the store, but the best navigation app we have seen is Sygic GPS navigation app. It comes with offline maps and for that you don’t need any internet connection to navigate through the maps once you download it.



Deliveries is a must have app if you deal with postal services a lot. This app will help you to track the packages of UPS, Fedel, US Postal Service, DHL, TNT, Canada Post, Royal Mail and many more. Even you can track the order of Amazon and Apple.



This app lets you manage and organize all your business cards in a systematic manner. It supports about 16 languages and comes with a card scanning facility.



If you work with different people living in different time zones then it will be quiet tough for you to sync your mind according to that time zone. This app helps you with telling the present time and also the time of multiple other zones.

Flight Tracker


If you are a frequent flight traveler then this app is a great choice. It’s the best way to monitor your flights with all the necessary information like flight real departure time, arrival time, flight updates and even the gate number.

Red Laser


Red Laser is a great shopping companion app. Scan the bar code of any product and it will provide you with all the information related to that product and great deals available with it in the market and even the shops nearby.



It’s an app for the television lovers. This app keeps track of your favorite TV shows and informs you with latest updates.



Stock calculator is sufficient for a for iOs users but if you need calculator at your fingertips all the time then you should have PCalc app in your iPhone. The new version of this app comes with today widget which means you can calculate without opening the app and even unlocking the phone.



It’s a great news app released in app store. You will get an option to connect it with your twitter account. You will discover various new content if you’re following people from different walks of life.



Shazam is a must choice for music lovers. You will get an access to various types and genres of music. Even you can save the list of your favorite songs.



Firstly you should know that iOs 8 allows installing third party keyboard apps. Swift key is the best choice in this matter. The best keyboard app available in the whole market. It’s very powerful and versatile.



This is the best e-mail app available in the market. You can perform a lot of activities with your e-mail account. This app provides you with all the necessary features for managing an e-mail account.



This is third party camera software available for iphone users. It features photo filters, composition controls and various others. It allows you to adjust almost everything from focus to exposure.

Scanner Pro


It turns your iPhone into a scanner really. It serves like an original scanner which allows you to scan the document as a PDF and take print out and share it via mail.