20 Best Wireframing Tools for Web Designers

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Before coming to the main part you should have a clear idea about Wireframing. A website wireframe is a visual guide or an illustration that represents the skeletal framework of a website. It is created by experienced interaction designers who have a deep background in visual representations. Remember wireframing is very essential for a website. As a result it is an important part of web designing. Wireframing helps with a detailfied visual representation that is very useful to get an idea of the whole website performance. At present there are various wireframing tools available for the ease of web designers so why waste lot of time in making it manually? Here you will get a list of 20 high quality best wireframing tools that are great for web designers.

Balsamic Mockups 


This tool comes with a drag and drop elements like a hand writing. You will get all the elements from buttons to lists. It s a great option for the beginners.

Wireframe Sketchers


A great wireframing tool that that helps designers, developers to create quick wireframes, prototypes and mockups for desktop, web and mobile applications.



It is a web based prototyping application for creating wireframes and prototype for web, mobile and enterprise application. It comes with an easy interface and various sharing features.

Justinmind Prototyper


This is a standalone prototyping environment which allows its users to create high end prototypes. At present two features are provided prototyper and server.

Fore UI


ForeUI is an easy to use UI prototyping tool which is fully designed to make mock-ups, wireframe and prototypes for any application and website. You will get a lot of features in it and even you convert your prototype into wireframe images and PDF.



Here’s an awesome web based prototyping tool that helps to perform team based work. You can easily create website wireframes and web app prototypes here.

Lovely Charts


Like its name it is a very lovely tool which allows creating lovely diagrams. You can create any type of diagrams with this application and it is fully web based.



Lumzy is popular mockup and prototyping tool for websites and applications. It’s really an application with true professional attitude and loaded with almost all modern features.

Hot Gloo


Hot Gloo is a high definition application which allows making any type of wireframes. Prototypes and finally each and everything. It comes with a great user interface as well.

Axure RP


If you are looking to work faster, then Axure Rp should be your only choice. Whatever wireframes or UI mock-up you are creating; this tool is surely going to save your time. You can even add sketchy hand drawn look in your works with this tool.

Wireframe .Cc


It is a minimal wireframing tool for creating simple wireframes of websites and mobile apps. It comes fully free and with a clear user interface.

Pencil Project


This one is a free GUI prototyping tool that can be easily installed and create mockups in any desktop platform. It also supports exporting files into PNG, PDF, SVG and other formats.

Power Mockups


It is a PowerPoint extension with a vast collection of UI shapes for sketching screens quickly of web based applications and desktop applications. You can mock-up with this tool within few clicks.



Gliffy is a web based diagram editor. You can use it for various types of designs such as floor plans, network diagrams and other drawings. It is very use and can be almost used by anyone.



Great web based application to create mockups and wireframes for prototyping websites and software. You will get a lot of easy designing features and designing components.



It is an online tool that helps you to create, link, preview and share mock-ups of your applications and websites. It comes loaded with some interesting features and functions.



Cacoo is an online drawing tool very easy to use and allows you to create various types of diagrams such as site maps, wire frames and network charts. It can be used free of cost and is a browser based diagrammer.

Simple Diagrams


It is minimal desktop application to express your ideas quickly and simply. You can create any type of diagrammatic expressions through it.



This application can be used to create technical diagrams as well as wireframes. It will be very easy to use for the users who are already accustomed with other Microsoft apps such as Word and Excel.



You can create any type of diagrammatic illustration with the help of this application. It’s very easy to create mock-up of a website or an app. It also features the library of page elements.