20 Tools to Convert HTML to PDF Files


Web Designing is an ever changing process with a lot of creativity and innovations. With time, a web designer has to change their creation as a part of updation. So in this ever changing world of web a web designer’s first duty is to keep them updated all the time. Then comes the part of creativity, a web designer should be much creative and artistic in his point of views to prosper in life. Actually extra-ordinary creativity makes a web designer different from all other in the crowd by catching one’s attraction. But the most crucial point for which a web designer should be cautious is piracy. Anytime your creation may get copied without your consent. You may not even know about that. To recover from these problems you should always convert your work into PDF format and not in HTML files. These makes quiet impossible for anyone to copy the work. Converting HTML to PDF sounds very easy but it is not so. It needs a pro web designer with a lot of expertise. But hiring such web designer is a costly matter as web designer charges a lot. But there are some tools available in the market which makes it easier for you. They convert HTML to PDF format with their tools. Some of these tools will charge you money, again some will just leave a watermark in your converted file and some are really free. Let’s look into the list and know about these wonderful web tools.

HTML to PDF Converter (Online free tool)


It is one of the most popular and free conversion tools available on internet. You will not need any registration and just you will have to upload the web page to be converted.



This conversion tool is yet another powerful one in the web and allows converting all your images, web pages and reports in to HTML files. At present they offers HTML, PHP, .net, ASP, cgi, jsp and jpeg, jpg, gif and png files conversion into PDF files.



Another fantastic online conversion tool that allows you to convert HTML to PDF. It has a very easy to use interface.

EVO PDF Software


EVO is an outstanding conversion tool which helps in converting HTML to nicely formatted PDF documents. It has a high quality output with conversion of SVG to create high quality vector graphics and text rendering effects in PDF.

Winnovative Software


It is a conversion software that you can download from their official website. Actually it is a library that can be integrated in any ASP.net and MVC websites and various other types of forms and services.

Convert HTML to PDF


This online converter converts any number of HTML files into PDF files. It converts all your data accurately even if you have any mistakes in the code, it will correct all the mistakes automatically.



This web tool helps the users to convert website and blog content into PDF format. It is very fast working, powerful and easy to use interface.

Click to Convert


This website allows any user to convert any type of files into HTML or PDF. Also they offer the feature to convert HTML into PDF and vice-versa. The website is loaded with other high end features.



one of the fastest ways you can use to convert HTML or web pages into PDF. This online tool provides very quick and easy service for their users.



This software will allow you to convert HTML documents into PDF and get beautiful printing with CSS.

Total HTML Converter


A wonderful application that allows converting web pages and HTML files into PDF. Also it has a feature of previewing the page being converted. So before the conversion you will be able to see the file. There is a free trial available too.



This one is slightly different from the other applications in this list. Actually apart from conversion of HTML to PDF it offers a lot more features like converting PDF files to images, web pages and texts.