30 Awesome Elegant Themes for WordPress


If you are using wordpress as a platform of your blog then you probably know that making a desired theme for your blog needs a lot of expertise and coding knowledge. But nowadays readymade themes are available in the market which saves a lot of your time and makes the process easier. So the use of such themes has increased a lot. There are lots of developing companies those who makes beautiful themes which are almost free to download or with a nominal charge. For the beginners these readymade themes have served a lot. Elegant Themes is such a WordPress membership website that allows you to download various themes with a charge of $70 a year. These themes are well designed and customization facilities. Most of these elegant themes are search engine friendly and highly responsive. Here are some awesome elegant themes for wordpress with download links.

My App Theme


This theme is a suitable choice for the iOS app developers and makes your work easier in setting up an online website for selling those apps.

My Product


It is a very dynamic theme for those who want to sell their products online. You will be getting a lot of color schemes and customization facilities.

Glider Theme


Glider Theme comes with a unique layout and outstanding features to warm up your personal website into a professional one.

My Resume


It is for the website owners those who want to put their resume online in a professional manner. It will be easier for the recruiters to check out your credentials.



This is a very flexible and dynamic theme which can be used for various purposes like business, personal and professional blogging.

The Corporation


The Corporation is a suitable theme for those who are beginners. You can use it for various purposes. Great for small and developing businesses.



It is premium looking dark theme ideal for those who are going to start their own gaming website. Most amazingly this theme looks great for any type of gaming solution.

Who’s Who


It is a hybrid theme loaded with extra ordinary features. It suits well for political blogs. It allows using high quality images and also its SEO friendly.

Sky WordPress Theme


It is a unique Ajax wordpress theme. It allows you to be a lot creative and apply all your ideas on it.

Gleam WordPress Theme


Gleam is a portfolio wordpress theme created by Elegant Themes. It runs very swiftly and increases the performance speed of your website. The theme looks very creative and beautiful.

Deep Focus


Deep Focus is a very powerful theme suitable for online photo gallery or displaying artistic works. You can use its advantages if you have knowledge about short codes.



For those who are willing to make their website as online shopping portal. It has a lot of customization facilities and very easy to handle. It also supports PayPal.

The Source


It’s great for magazine style blogs and websites. Looks are super dynamic and eye pleasing.

The Professional


This is a very clean theme and with attractive looks. It can be used for different purposes. It is a very good solution for freelancers and small business.



Minimal is a very simple theme with highly customizable features. It gives you a chance to design your website according to your wish.

13 Floor


It is dark colored theme with extraordinary looks that makes your blog look something more than that. It is a portable theme and very sharp looking.



This almost looks like a CMS style theme for your wordpress website. It can be used to make your own online portfolio and dynamic multimedia websites.



It is a very colorful theme. It comes with 6 color schemes and serves great for personal or character blogging.



This theme is a great option for the photographers those who want to put their works online. It allows you to upload the photos very fast and promote the pictures on your website. If you are looking forward to start a photo blog then this theme is very ideal.

Elegant Estate


Going to start a real estate website? Elegant Estate is the right theme for you then. It comes with a handful of features for visitors and with 5 color schemes.



Nexus is a versatile magazine theme packed full of content modules and custom widgets. It gives you a full control over the website.

Flexible Theme


Flexible is a sleek, responsive portfolio theme packed with some awesome features. It comes with unlimited color schemes and advertisement management facility.

Aggregate Theme


It is a great looking theme for wordpress with lots of customizable features. It manages your website in such a way that everything looks very clear and manageable.

Deep Focus Photography Theme


You can transform your website into online photo gallery with a lot of features and customizations. It is highly responsive with great looks.

Fusion Theme


It is a very colorful and good looking dynamic wordpress theme. It comes loaded with a lot of features and can be used for many purposes.



Lucid is a clean and attractive theme with very simple user interface. The theme features a large homepage slider.



It’s an awesome bold and responsive theme. It is very ideal for business or any other individuals.



This theme is suitable one for bands and individual artists those who are looking for their own website. It is very simple looking and dynamic theme.



It is a grid based responsive theme which can be used for many purposes. It is for those who are looking to make something different from others.



this was probably the first responsive theme created by Elegant Themes. It has some strong features but the design is very simple.

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