Aerial Photography: Capturing the Moments in Air


Aerial Photography is one of the most popular platforms that offer great opportunity to photographers to earn money. It covers huge amount of work in certain fields like environmental issues, paparazzi coverage, real estate, government projects and construction. This type of photography captures some of the most artistic photographs. Let us now gain some information about the history of Aerial Photography.

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History of Aerial Photography

An Aerial Photograph was captured for the first time around 150 years back. A professional photographer named Balloonist Gasper Felix Tournachon made the use of aerial images for surveying and map making. In 1858, he incorporated this idea by capturing aerial photograph for the first time. This picture was taken from a hot air balloon that was 8 meters above the ground. The photograph was of a French village named Petit Bacetre. However, unluckily this photo was lost.

In 1860, James Wallace Black took the oldest aerial picture that is still in existence. The pioneers made the use of rockets, kite or pigeons that acted as an intermediate of early aerial photography. The English Meteorologist named Archibald in 1882 took the help of a kite to capture the first aerial photograph. Various techniques are emerging for capturing aerial photographs and now it is well known by everyone.

Different types of Aerial Photography

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There are various types of aerial photography. Some of the popular types of aerial photography are mentioned below:

  • Kite Aerial Photography: In Kite Aerial Photography, cameras are tied to the strings of the kites that are flying in the sky to capture spectacular aerial pictures. It is one of the oldest techniques of aerial photography. However, it can capture impressive photographs at a low cost. The main drawback of this type of photography is that it cannot be put to use in heavy winds and heavy rain.
  • Balloon Aerial Photography: In this type of photography, the cameras are taken to a high altitude with the help of air balloon. One of the major benefits of this type of photography is that this technique will not bother the public. Large numbers of photographers all over the world make use of this technique. You have enough time to take spectacular pictures with proper concentration.
  • Helicopter Aerial photography: This technique makes the use of a helicopter to take aerial pictures. The best benefit of making use of helicopter for aerial photography is that the frame can be adjusted accordingly by the photographer and thus he can capture the best frame. A good control over camera by video photographer results in clear pictures with outstanding quality. High impact shooting technique is another name for this technique. Mainly moviemakers make the use of this method.
  • Radio Controlled Aerial Photography: In this type of photography, remote controlled helicopter is put to use to take pictures. This is one of the cheapest methods for aerial photography. Most of the companies make use of this technique. One of the disadvantages of this technique is that it does not involve the human factor.

Starting with Aerial Photography

Aerial photography might seem to be a difficult work to start with but it is easy. However, it may not be economical in the beginning. You have to hire a charted pilot and helicopter for capturing aerial photographs. By going above the ground level with the help of a helicopter, you can capture some of the best photographs. All you have to do is to gain knowledge about aerial photography. To begin with your aerial photography skills you need an investment of around 500$.

When to go for Arial Photography?

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Aerial photography mainly refers to outdoor photography. It is advisable to go for aerial photography early in the morning or late in the evening due to the following reasons:

  • Vibrant colors will be produced in the pictures because of the sunrays.
  • The photographs that you have captured will be more eye soothing and pleasant.

If you wish to capture real estate or commercial pictures then the afternoon time is best suited for such type of photography.

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