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30 Beautiful Abandoned Places Around The World

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It looks very amazing when we see the photographs of places left abandoned and rejected by people for various causes. In this overcrowded world it’s hard to believe that there are also lots of places that were once full of crowd and now left alone. Actually there you will see lot of reasons for which these places become abandoned with time. May be the reasons are natural calamities for some cases, again war for some cases and economic issues. But the situation becomes same in all the cases in spite of being the reasons different. Once these were busy places but now time has stopped in these places.

Probably the only permanent thing that persists in this world is change. When we look at history books, it reminds us about the past events and time but when we look at those abandoned buildings and places it also reminds us of past reality. Actually these places leave a proof of time and the reason for which it is abandoned now. In some cases, these buildings are again taken care of but in most of the cases they remain abandoned. Really these places bring goose bumps in us when we see the recent positions of them.

Abandoned Places Around The World

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El Hotel del Salto in Colombia


Blue spiral staircase in a European castle


The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine



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