Ten Best Affiliate Marketing Networks to Work With


Affiliate marketing is gaining popularity worldwide. People are making a good amount of money with affiliate marketing. But if you want to earn money, you need to join a good affiliate network. The affiliate network you join must pay you high percentage of share. This will help you out in earning more revenue and generate good income. Here is the list of some best affiliate marketing networks that you can join to earn good amount of revenue. So, take your decision wisely and choose the highest revenue paying network and the network that has flat terms.

Render of a Affiliate Marketing Concept.

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks


Best Affiliate Marketing Networks1

It is the largest networks for affiliate marketers. It is a good choice for you to opt for. Some of its features are:

  • It has more than 10 million affiliate partner
  • It got first place in Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks in 2012
  • It has great platform strength, international capabilities, and support quality
  • It offers you around 2500 affiliate programs


Best Affiliate Marketing Networks2

It is the GSI media company that has high online media performance. It is the next generation marketing network. eBay had purchased this network now.

  • It offers you analytics and innovative tools to optimize your marketing channel
  • It offers the money pay per lead or through Pay per sale


Best Affiliate Marketing Networks3

It is the affiliate network featuring digital products and will provide you around 75 percent commission.

  • Commissions are paid weekly
  • It has more than 10000 products to offer


Best Affiliate Marketing Networks4

It claimed the third place in Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks in 2012 and is the best performing marketing networks in today’s world.

  • It has more than 2500 affiliate programs
  • It follows great ethics and has good reputation among customers

Google Adsense

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks5

It is one of the best affiliate programs used by most of the webmasters and blog owners. Google offers a 68 percent share to the publishers per click.

  • It is based on revenue per click
  • You need to place the ad code and the ads will be running on your blog or website
  • You can receive the payment through wire transfer, EFT, and some other means too

Commission Junction

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks6

It is the largest affiliate marketing networks in North America. It is owned by ValueClick Inc. Some of its features are:

  • It offers media, affiliate, and tracking services
  • It offers Pay-Per-Action and Pay-Per-Call program
  • It offers full monetization online and offline


Best Affiliate Marketing Networks7

It is the PPA network and has its own proprietary software system. They are helpful and courteous to customers.

  • It accepts the publishers all around the world
  • It also offers thousands of programs for merchants

Amazon Associates

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks8

It is one of the diverse and biggest networks for affiliate marketers. It is a great deal to start affiliates for Amazon.

  • Amazon has a number of products to sell on affiliates
  • It is a pay per sale program


Best Affiliate Marketing Networks9

It is an Australian PPA affiliate network that has its branches in UK, US, and Japan. Some of the nice features of company are:

  • The programs include- PPM, PPL, PPC, and PPS
  • It offers two tier network


Best Affiliate Marketing Networks10

It has been in business since 2004 and pays you the affiliate commission on a weekly basis. Some of its features are:

  • It pays good commission to its partners
  • It has a good reputation as an affiliate marketing company