10 Best Android Back-up Apps


In this tech savvy generation it becomes very essential to store various important files and folders in mobile devices to access it anytime anywhere when needed. But when it comes about the back-up of these essential files and folders very few people are aware about it. Though it’s very rare that your file will be lost from your mobile until and unless any unwanted circumstances arises but it is for your safety that all these files should be stored as a back-up for future perspectives. Nowadays there are lots of back-up options available on android devices but you should always rely on the best apps for these activities. Know about best android Back-up apps in the below list.

Ultimate back-up

1-Ultimate back-up

It is an awesome app manager with options for backing up applications and its data. You can also back-up your calls, bookmarks and other details of your phone. It comes with app un-installation facilities. It offers making back-up files on local storage as well as cloud storage.

My Backup Pro

2-My Backup Pro

It is a reliable back-up app for android devices which allows back-up of your app data with automated scheduling. This app works best when it is installed in a rooted phone. So to get extraordinary facilities of this app you should root your android device.

Easy Back-up and Restore

3- Easy Back-up and Restore

It offers great back-up options for both rooted and un-rooted devices with an easy to use interface. It back-up your calls, messages, contacts and your APK files. All other files can be backed up from the SD card and the most important part is its easy restoration feature.

Mobile Back-up and Restore

4-Mobile Back-up and Restore

It has made a great new entry in the play store with its awesome features. This is one of the most reliable platform as it is introduced by one and only Avast. This app almost back-up everything on your phone with just some clicks.

Rom Manager

5 -Rom Manager

This one is slightly different as basically it is not a backup app but if installed in a rooted device can backup any android file. Even you can have an access of your files in cloud storage through this awesome app. You will also be able to manage all your restore points from this app.

Helium App Sync and Backup

6-Helium App Sync and Backup

It allows the user to backup all the devices in the mobile and it doesn’t need a rooted device to perform all its activities. The paid version of this app allows cloud backup and backup scheduling.

Titanium Backup

7-Titanium Backup

This app works great for backup apps, contacts, SMS and various other things in the internal storage. The premium version of this app allows cloud storage and restoration. You can move your backup data into the SD card of your device through this app.

Super Backup

8 - Super Backup

Super Backup is a fast, free and simple backup solution for your android device. You can backup and restore all your phone data, apps and settings. And all over you can schedule the backup process.

GCloud Back-up

9 - GCloud Back-up

If you are more interested in the back-up of your photos, videos, music, call logs and contacts more than apps and setting then this is the right one for you. You will have to create GCloud account and you will get 1GB back-up space for free.

SMS Backup +

SMS Backup +

If you are mostly interested in protecting your SMS and call logs then this should be your first choice. This app has a feature to automatically sync your SMS, MMS and call logs to your Gmail account. This app is really a great solution to have a copy of all your messages and call logs.