10 Best Android Camera Apps


Leading phone companies around the world is now concentrating deeply in the camera features. There are a lot of reasons behind this development. The main reason is that it becomes impossible in some situations to carry high efficient digital cameras or DSLR’s. Here the smart phone cameras serves a lot to the photographers to have an awesome photo shoot. But it is almost impossible to apply high end photographic techniques with the inbuilt camera app of the mobile. As a result the growth of third party camera apps has started. These apps allow any user to apply various photographic techniques in the mobile cameras. So now we will discuss about some most popular and best android camera apps available on Google market for use.

Google Camera


First of all you should know that this Google Camera app comes pre loaded in some android devices. It has a very easy interface for users but built with fantabulous features. It also allows the user to control the app remotely.

Camera MX

2-Camera MX

It is a free camera app that offers awesome editing tools, special effects and extra ordinary features. You can also apply all the real-time effects in photos and videos. And when speaking about the editing tool, it is very powerful.

A Better Camera

3-A Better Camera

It is a very unique app which offers lot of customization settings and special shooting mode. It is available in both free and Pro version but with a negligible cost. But to avail its all beautiful features you should obviously buy the unlock key.


4-VSCO Cam

VSCO is a very popular and easy to use camera app. It comes with a package of tools that offers fantastic photo editing. The main feature of this app is it editing. It also allows sharing the images and videos to various social media services as well as their own photo sharing platform.

Pro Capture

5-Pro Capture

This is an awesome photo capturing app which mainly focuses on the capturing part. At times you will feel like holding a DSLR in your hand. It will let you take various specialized shot modes and a hold over fine tuning of a photo.

Camera FV-5

6-Camera FV-5

A very professional app with almost all the features of a DSLR. It allows the users to take raw photographs and fully designed for the use of professional photographers. If you are a manual lover then this app is the best choice for you.

Camera Zoom FX

7-Camera Zoom FX

This app is loaded with various post editing tools and all of which can be used in real-time. It has a very clean interface with lots of features and settings. It comes with multiple shot modes.

Camera 360 Ultimate

8-Camera 360 Ultimate

This fantastic app has a ton of features and specially designed to meet all the modern photography needs. For the selfie lovers it comes with a selfie mode to click your amazing self-portrait.

Camera Awesome

An iOS superhit app since its release but now they have designed their app for android device also. You should know that this app is specially designed with some unique feature which is hard to find in other apps.

9-Camera Awesome

Manual Camera

10-Manual Camera

It is a must have app for the manual camera control lovers as it takes the full advantage of Lollipops Camera 2 API. Each and every feature can be controlled manually such as shutter speed, focus distance, exposure and click just as you want. But the negative fact is that this app doesn’t work in some android devices. So you should check the compatibility of your device with this app.

Now it’s time to click awesome photos and inspire your hobby. Carrying such beautiful apps in your pocket is just mesmerizing. So why don’t have the full use of your phone camera when you have one.


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