20 Best Apps for Rooted Android phones

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There are some actual reasons of using android mobiles nowadays. Android has proved themselves as one of the most popular mobile phone operating system with a lot of loaded features. The first and foremost feature is its availability of application in the play store. There is hard to find any topic on which you will not get any apps on android device. But the topic which we are going to discuss here is quite different. Android users root their device due to some reasons among them some are increasing battery life, increase phone’s processing power, get rid of preinstalled bindings. Actually, rooting an android mobile helps in getting more access to the operating system, this makes easier in getting some awesome applications for your mobile. So if you are thinking of rooting your mobile then look at the list below of some fantastic apps for rooted android phones.


Device control

1- Device controlIt is a device monitoring app which takes all the advantage of a rooted device and lets you manage all the device and OS settings. Users can have a control over various features like controlling vibration strength, knock-on, reduce LCD power and a lots more.


Full! Screen

2 - Full! ScreenThis app allows the users to make the system bar transparent and get the use of full screen. Though this app comes free but you can also get its paid version which has a lot more features. Which will give you access over each and every apps display mode.


SCR Screen Recorder

3- SCR Screen RecorderThis screen recorder app allows recording all the screen casts. It also comes with a lot of options for controlling the quality or performance. But the problem is that the free version of this app, limit all the recordings up to 3 minutes and put a watermark on the screen.


Host Editor

4- Host EditorThis is a great application for the computer savvies. By installing this Host Editor you can block the access of some particular websites or ads by the editing the host. This is a full free app and obviously ad free.


Six Axis Controllers

5- Six Axis ControllersMust have application for a game lover. This controller app turns your mobile into a controller of your PlayStation game pad. For instance, you can control your mobile games from a PlayStation gamepad. Really it’s great.


Disk Digger

6-Disk DiggerThis is a utility app which helps in recovering various deleted files from your device. As an extra feature you can also preview the file from the app before recovering it. Use the Pro version to get access over all types of file.


3C Toolbox

7- 3C ToolboxIt is a system monitoring toolkit. You can even run a task manager to control your apps, back-up APK files and control voltage settings. But it is recommended to do a research before doing anything with his app.


Ad Block Plus for Android

8 - Ad Block Plus for AndroidThis is a favorite app for some Firefox users. Though you will not get this app on the play store but you can install it by downloading the apk file from its official site. This app really helps in blocking unnecessary ads and really works like a magic.



9- GreenifyThis app puts all your apps in hibernation so that they can’t access any system resources. As a result these apps cannot run background processes.


FPS Meter

10-FPS MeterIt is just a tool to display the frame rate on an android device. It is great for the users who want to have an access over the performance of games, apps and the whole system.



11-Set DNSThis app forces your device to customize the DNS name servers instead of having the default one. Speed up your browsing through this app. Even the pro version let’s you put a password over the settings and include a home screen widget.


SD Maid

12- SD MaidIt is a storage maintenance app for freeing up space in your SD card by searching the unused files and folders left by the uninstalled apps. You can get more options by downloading the pro version.


Data Sync

13 - Data SyncData Sync is an awesome app which helps sync data between two android devices over a Wi-Fi connection. You can also sync your data through drop box when you can’t get an access to Wi-Fi.


Good Mood Droid Gesture Control

14- Good Mood Droid Gesture ControlThis Gesture Control app allows controlling the multi touch gestures on an android device. You can also customize the controls on multi touch capable devices and try for extra function and features.


CPU Tuner

15 - CPU TunerThis fantastic app lets you monitor your CPU’s performance. You can also customize the settings of your CPU governor. But do a little research on your device hardware configuration before customizing the settings.


Drive Droid

16 - Drive DroidA very interesting app which turns your device into a bootable Linux drive for your windows PC. It is a great app if you are looking for a back-up system and you work a lot on Linux systems.


Ad away

17 - Ad awayIt is an awesome which is also removed from the Google market but still you can download its APK file from its official website and install it on your device. It is a free and open source app which helps in blocking various unnecessary apps.



18 - Tasker

Tasker is an interesting app that lets you create your own automatic task scripts based on wide variety of actions. It also works great without rooting your device.


Better Battery Stats

19 - Better Battery StatsYou can have a details stat of your battery use and if you are tech oriented person then it is a must have app for you. It can also view the CPU and network use stats.


Root Explorer

20 - Root ExplorerIt is very trusted and popular name as android file manager. You can have access to .rar, .zip, .tar etc files on your android device. It also covers file management basics.