Best Apps to Maximize Android’s Performance


No doubt that Android is one of the most used mobile device platform all over the world. Due to its wide range of apps availability and easy to use interface it has become very popular in all level of people. And when coming to the part of technology, in relation with iOS it is not that controllable and it’s very hard to regulate it. There are many problems in android which decreases the performance rate of your device from day to day. So may be now you are thinking then what you should do with your android device next. There are some apps available which really works hard to maximize Android’s performance rate. Let’s have a look into that.

DU Speed Booster (Free)

1- DU Speed Booster

It is a popular android optimization tool that comes with a trash cleaner to clean all your junk files from the device. Again it is loaded with one touch accelerator that increase the speed of your device, a app manager to manage all your downloaded apps, antivirus and a internet speed booster. All total it is a very powerful app and lets you have a slight control over all the junk files and performance as a whole.

CCleaner (Free)

2 - CCleaner


You may know that CCleaner is a very popular and powerful PC maintenance tool but now they have also started working on android devices. This is great to clean up all your unnecessary and crap items out of your device. It is a multipurpose cleaning tool for android devices that cleans almost everything like browser history, app cache, temporary files and even call and sms log. Which means it always try to keep your device neat and clean.

3C Toolbox (Free)

3 - 3C Toolbox

Formerly this app was known as Android Tuner which is a great option for any tech savvy user. It includes Task Manager, CPU governor, restore and backup APK files and lots more. You can do a lot of functions with this app if you have good tech knowledge. But remember don’t take a risk without knowing what you are doing. It works best for rooted devices.

Greenify (Free)

4 - Greenify

This is a slight different in features. Actually it can be used to hibernate any app in your device. During this time the hibernated app will not be able to use any resources and will stop working in the background. If you have any app that is draining a lot of battery and storage, then use this app to control it. But remember not to hibernate your alarm clock and messenger until and unless you want them to stop working.

Clean Master (Free)

5-Clean Master

Clean Master is also an optimizing tool that cleans up all your junk files from the device and boosts the device speed. This app is also loaded with a phone booster, app manager and an antivirus tool. And the most important part is that it is one of the most popular apps in the android play store.

SD Maid (Free)

6-SD Maid

SD Maid is a storage maintenance app fully designed to have a control over your storage in the android device. Additionally it also provides a file manager tool. The free version is quiet useful but if you want some more feature then you should buy the unlock key.

CPU Tuner (Free)

7-CPU Tuner

It is one of the best apps to monitor your CPU’s performance. All total you can have the full control over your device CPU. You can under clock the CPU to save battery; you can customize the settings of CPU governor and can set various profiles to ensure that your CPU works as you want.

BetterBatteryStats ($2.89)


If you are a tech savvy android user then you probably wanting to know the details of your battery use and have a full control over it. This app will help you to go through it and most importantly battery back-up is a great problem for every android device.