Top 12 Best Free Android Games of the year


Android operating system had been ruling the market since past few years and the android market is growing day by day. Every day, a new android device, application, or game is launched to help the users in enjoying the android technology. Game lovers need not to wait for the launch of another game. There are number of games available for android for free and many more will be launched. You just need to go with the time and popularity and find some good android game to play. Here is the list of best free android games that you should install on your mobile device.

Best Free Android Games13

Best Free Android Games

Don’t Tap the White Tile

Best Free Android Games1.1

This game offers you many different modes to play and the classic mode is the coolest one. You have a race with the clock to tap all he black tiles.

  • This game is based on hand eye coordination
  • You must not tap the white tile

Spell Sword

Best Free Android Games2

It is a fast and fantasy themed game. The players need to run around the map in order to gather the cards having elemental magic. These cards do damage the baddies and when you are short of these cards, your sword becomes ineffective.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

Best Free Android Games3

This is a massive and an addictive game that is very similar to ‘Freelancer’ Game. It brings the combat system to the tables.

  • You need to explore the space and combat there with enemies
  • Game is well optimized for the touch screen game play
  • You won’t see too many ads disturbing you

Heroes of Dragon Age

Best Free Android Games4

This game provides you a team based tactical combat battles with a number of characters. It offers range of skills with different characters. It is a multiplayer game.

Magic 2014

Best Free Android Games5

This is the card game that is the original version of MTG, especially designed for android. The latest cards and new decks are available in this game.

  • It is a multiplayer games
  • Single player can also play this game


Best Free Android Games6

It is a funny and exciting game. This game is based on free running and is worth trying, if you are bored playing Temple Run or Subway Surfers.

  • It has got great visuals and animations
  • It has level design that is quite challenging for you

Walking Dead: Season One

Best Free Android Games7

This is the exciting and threatening game for the android users. The story revolves around Lee Everett, who is the main character of game. He is struck in a Zombie apocalypse. He should protect himself and the little girl to be eaten alive. You must play this game and enjoy.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Best Free Android Games8

This is an Android game that is also available for iOS. This game is based on an old principle of Tower defense.

  • In this game you kill the zombies with your plants
  • The game goes tougher with each level
  • People of any age can play this game

Heroes of Order and Chaos

Best Free Android Games9

This is a new type of defense game. It is multiplayer online game with combats. Teams have different heroes and the fights between them are fantastic. You can earn gold and new equipments by combating.

Real Soccer 2013

Best Free Android Games10

This game offers you different range of game play types and is fast paced game. In this game the players need to:

  • Build their team
  • Upgrade the staff and facilities
  • Increase the revenue
  • You can also generate money by winning

Nun Attack

Best Free Android Games11

This is the tactical combat battle in which the players assign the team of deadly sisters for unloading hot lead to waves of the demonic creatures. It is based on drag and release game play.

Baseball Superstars

Best Free Android Games12

This game is build with Japanese style graphics and the players are given role of pitchers or batter in the game.

  • The players play the tournaments
  • They can earn rankings, rewards, and other stuff for good play or win.