10 Best Javascript Framework For Mobile

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Creating a website may be very interesting job but a developer has to go through some tough challenges sometime. Due to high advancement of this web world nowadays the web developers needs to stay updated all the time. Day by day new techniques are being developed and the processes are being updated. For instance making a website fit for all types of devices is a very new trend as presently most of the users prefer surfing on portable devices rather than sitting in front of a desktop. These changes create a challenge to the web developers. But there are some tools which helps web developers to overcome the challenges. One of them is Mobile JavaScript Framework by which a web developer should take some advantage. Here you all be getting the details of 10 Best JavaScript Framework For Mobile.

Titanium Mobile JavaScript Framework


It is one of the most popular web development frameworks which allow the user to access the existing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript Information. They provide an active community for the users where problems are sorted out by expert developers. It also comes loaded with some extra ordinary inbuilt features.

Jo Mobile JavaScript Frameworks


This is a web development framework for developers who mainly work on the mobile devices running on iOS, Android, Chrome OS and various others. It also has UI elements like pop-up widgets and lot more.

 Embed JS


Embed JS is fit for those devices with TV and tablet etc. It is a JavaScript framework with multiple builds and assists the user by using less coding for any matter. With the help of this framework you can also customize your own build.



This JavaScript framework is designed for touch screen devices and this framework comes full free of cost. Most importantly the UI designer of this framework is a visual editor which results in making first class UI’s with minimal coding.

Chocolate Chip Mobile


It’s one of the exciting frameworks in this list. The syntax used is exactly the same one as used in prototype of jQuery. Beside this it comes with other various outstanding features for the near future.

JQuery Mobile


Looking for a framework that will assist you in building UI mobile app? This one is the fittest for you. It makes your UI supportable in almost all popular mobile devices most importantly Android and iOS.

The M-Project


It has all the characteristics of new HTML 5 for the development of an UI app. They provide online support to the users and help them to build a fantastic app with their framework. Even it works without an internet connection.



This is the most lightweight and full packed option for any user. It is mainly targeted for particular browsers.



This framework is mainly developed for mobile web kit browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome. It is also very lightweight and with a size of 5 KB. Any user looking for a quick work can use this framework for better result.



This is also a very popular, light weight JavaScript Framework. You can easily convert your current website in to a mobile version within a very short time. It comes with some amazing features and most interestingly provides the facility to track mobile web browsers.

So waiting for what, when you have such fantastic frameworks on your list? Start working with your website to make it mobile devices friendly and increase the number of visitors on your website. Don’t forget that most of the people prefer surfing internet on their mobile devices.