20 Best Joomla Extensions

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Joomla is a very popular open source content management system in the web world. Nowadays due to its rapid advancement lot of websites use it as their platforms. The recent version of Joomla is getting a lot of attention among the users and the most important thing is that this is attracting lot more users to go with using Joomla. If you are using Joomla as your platform then the most important thing is that you have used some good extensions in your website. You will be getting numerous extensions around the web, but it is very difficult to know about their quality. So we have collected some best Joomla extensions for you all for the betterment of your website.


There are many advantages of Joomla which makes it so popular around the globe. First is the easy to use interface and configuration which can be handled almost by each and everyone with a little knowledge. And before selecting any of the extensions for your website you should keep in mind of some features. Firstly, the extension should be very flexible and not very complex. Secondly, it should contain a lot of features on its own. Thirdly the fact is that it should be very adaptable for the site administrator. Here you will be getting such Joomla extensions which are really interesting and the best in quality.

All Videos


This extension is really a great one in handling all the videos in your website.

Chrono Forms


Chrono Forms is a must have Joomla extension in your website. It allows you to control the coding editor for HTML/CSS.

Akeeba Backup


This is an outstanding extension that allows you to keep the back-up of your website.

Doc Man


This is slight a bit backdated but still one of the best management extension system for Joomla.

Flash Uploader


This is a great uploading extension that allows you to upload any type of files all at a time. So no need to upload it one by one anymore.



Joomla never allows your users to leave comments on the article. JComments add the feature of giving comments on your articles.

Tabs n Slides


This is a very useful extension for Joomla. It can convert a flat page into a multi slide page.

Simple Image Gallery


Just throw all the pictures on a folder and it will automatically create an image light box gallery in your website.

Advanced Module Manager


This is an extension that makes work easier for developers. It replaces the core’s module manager, adds filters and triggers.

Ultimate Content Display


it is a nice module that allows creating a sort of Ajax content Fade. It’s a must have extension on websites with lot of content.

Easy SQL


Install this one and you will be able to run SQL statements in a simple query editor in your back end.

Rok Box


This is an amazing extension which automatically creates light box style theme in your website.



It is a web based file manager. It can be used by the web developers for a lot of benefits.

SP Quick Contact

SP Quick Contact is a very simple contact module for Joomla!



It is one of the best online shops for the Joomla users.



K2 is a content construction kit for Joomla. This allows you to apply different look and feel for each category in a website.



It is a free JavaScript menu component which supports dropdown list.

Joomla Content Editor (JCE)


The one thing in which Joomla is lacking, is the editor. JCE will allow you to get advanced editing options.



It is one of the best mailing list manager and mailer for Joomla. No doubt it will help you a lot with all its outstanding features.

Community Builder


It offers a framework to any community website. It automatically add a lot of feature sin your website.