20 Best jQuery Mobile Portfolio Templates

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Nowadays most of the growing websites are using HTML 5 to make their website latest from all the sides. But sometimes these up gradations seem to be a great problem. Actually the problem is that these websites can’t be viewed in old devices. But no need to worry about this matter as JQuery has made a solution for these websites. Using jQuery mobile portfolio templates allows accessing new websites on old devices. These templates are easy to use, highly customizable with the help of ready to use HTML pages. It is possible to generate various visual transitions and effects. Even you get a great access over colors, sliders and image galleries. Actually all these templates are mainly based on jQuery mobile framework. The typographic features are also very rich and attractive. The comments section allows making direct comments as a mode of interaction. All over these templates have all the features and characteristics to which makes them accessible from almost all mobile devices and have no fixed specifications on screen size and orientation. So it can be easily used and applied on any website without any confusion. Here we came up with a collection of 20 best jQuery Mobile Portfolio Templates.

Restaurant Mobile Theme

1- Restaurant Mobile Theme

My Mobile Page

2 - My Mobile Page

Mobile Web Template

3- Mobile Web Template

Rise Landing Page

4-Rise Landing Page

Responsive HTML 5 Template

5- Responsive HTML 5 Template

jQuery Mobile built for Blackberry

6-jQuery Mobile built for Blackberry

jQuery Mobile Based Template

7-jQuery Mobile Based Template

Flaty Mobile Retina

8- Flaty Mobile Retina

Chalis Mobile Retina

9- Chalis Mobile Retina

A Bold jQuery Mobile Template

10- A Bold jQuery Mobile Template

Francium Mobile Theme

11- Francium Mobile Theme

MobileWeb Mobile Theme

12- MobileWeb Mobile Theme

Responsive Mobile App Website Template

13- Responsive Mobile App Website Template

Bolt jQuery Mobile Website

14- Bolt jQuery Mobile Website

One page Portfolio Template

15 - One page Portfolio Template

Mobile Website and Theme Pack

16 - Mobile Website and Theme Pack

jQuery Mobile Square UI Theme

17 - jQuery Mobile Square UI Theme

Go Mobile

18 - Go Mobile

Mobius WordPress Theme

19 - Mobius WordPress Theme

jQuery Mobile Bootstrap Theme

20 - jQuery Mobile Bootstrap Theme

Actually mobile templates are becoming popular nowadays and people all over the world spend most of their time surfing internet on mobile devices. And for that a website should be designed with great looking UI. So to make a website visible in most old devices which don’t supports HTML 5 installing these websites is highly essential. Download these above mentioned jQuery mobile portfolio templates to get better results and make your website visible in all devices.