15 Best One Page WordPress Themes


One page wordpress themes had gained good popularity these days. Most of the people are going online and are in need of portfolio or single page wordpress themes that can be attractive as well as suits their need. Most of the one page wordpress theme are based on parallax scrolling and deliver high level of functionality to its users. Most of the one page wordpress themes are light in weight and rich in colors and features.

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There are many single page wordpress themes that are available for free and some of themes are available in paid versions too. The paid single page wordpress themes are surely better than the free themes and are rich in feature and support. If you are looking for some of the best single page wordpress themes then you have arrived at right place. You can find some really stunning single page wordpress themes here that will be responsive and will be enriched with more features. Here are some of the most common features that you will find in one page wordpress themes.

Slide shows for home pages

The slide shows are mind blowing as well as quite easy for setting up. Simply, installing the word press plugin cycle as well as uploading the images within the wordpress plugin cycle dashboard is not enough, one also needs to look for the place on single page wordpress theme where the images can be flashed so that people are attracted more towards it. You can also find themes that come with slideshow.

Home page layout for the multi-widget

For featuring the products as well as the other areas that provide the interests over the site, single page wordpress themes provides the users with enough space to do such activities easily. One can also link these pages to other websites. These themes come with different widgets options and one can add as many widgets as he/she wants. Single page themes are nice to look at and beautiful to represent the portfolio of a person.

Parallax Scrolling

All the single page WordPress themes come with parallax or infinite scrolling because there is no other page to display the information. This is the main reason, why most of the single page WordPress themes have got parallax scrolling.

Static Home Page

Some of the parallax themes comes with static home page look means they are not dynamically active. They are simple, sober, elegant looking themes that are especially designed for portfolio websites. Most of them have light colored backgrounds. You can even find few simple dynamic single page themes too in WordPress either for free or in paid version.

So, these single page wordpress themes may just have the single page. But they can look nice and attractive when it comes to design. As a wordpress user, if you are looking to create a portfolio or resume based website, then these themes are the best choice for you. You can easily find a nice single page wordpress theme for your blog.

Best One Page WordPress Themes


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