22 Best Photoshop Texture Brushes


Photoshop is now essential software for the photographers and designers. Due to the advance features and technical advancement Photoshop is accepted by the designers around the globe. It is the most accepted photo editing software around the world. It is said that Photoshop can do almost anything you want to do with a photo. But for that you will have to know the operating of the whole software. Knowing each and every features of Photoshop is not at all a tough job but it takes a lot of time and expertise. This is not our new article on Photoshop; previously we have made various articles related to Photoshop and its features.

There are lots of things to discuss about Photoshop but here in this article today we want to discuss about the Texture Brushes. Texture is a very important part of any project. It should be given a specific importance. You will see that professional designers spend a lot of time thinking on textures. As good texture can change the look of a project so to apply good textures your first duty is to have a good collection of Photoshop texture brushes loaded in it. It is not a big job to find out text brushes on the web to download but finding a good one is really tough. But don’t worry we have made a collection of the best texture brushes from all over the internet.

Best Photoshop Texture Brushes

If you are new in this matter then you should know that textures sometime don’t look very attractive when applied at first. Actually after including all the other designs above, it will start showing its quality. Actually this is the point where you should show your creativity. Nothing looks good in its raw form. Actually it needs to mix in a creative way to give extraordinary essence. In the same process textures are also to be mixed in an imaginative way to add creative essence. Remember a lot of creativity and little technical idea can just change your project into a mind blowing one.

Texture brushes can really save a lot of your time while editing. Yes if you know to apply it in a right way you can save a lot of your time. Interestingly, when it comes to the technical matter texture brushes are really a shortcut way to do texture designs. Every designer should use this for their work as well as to make their work up-to-date. Any designer can quickly create high end artistic editing work with the help of such texture brushes. Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6 come with some pre-installed texture brushes. But if you need some extra one you can go for the downloads.

Here for your ease we have selected 22 Best Photoshop Texture Brushes which you can use. The most important thing is that when you search for Photoshop texture brushes on the web you will see hundreds of texture brushes available for download. But all are not the best quality brushes but you can’t understand its quality until and unless you download it. So we have selected only the best ones in our collection below and made it for you all for download. So don’t think about the quality just download the one you want to.

Arc’s Rivets + Metal Brushes


Bullet Holes Brushes


Abstract Brushset XIII


Watercolor Brushes


Starfield Brushes


Carbon Sheets




ULV Metal plate


Zelink’s Cataclysm Brushset




5 Checkered PS Brushes


Metal Mesh Brush


Metal Texture


Metal Grunge Set


Fibers #3 Brush Pack


30 Geometric Texture Brushes


Fractal Abstract Photoshop Brushes


soft clouds textures brush


Grung Brushes


Paint Brushes


Melancholy Brushes


Abstract Brushes