Best SEO tools for Bloggers: Top 10


‘SEO is the backbone of the website’. This line may have been heard by you. You might be doing SEO of your blog, but have you ever tried some efficient tool that is really brilliant and help you out in making the SEO process easier. There are number of user friendly tools and services that might be available for free or in paid versions that can help the bloggers to use SEO effectively and efficiently. So, if you are blogger and are willing to use these tools then here is the list of some of the best SEO tools for bloggers.

Best SEO tools for Bloggers1.1

Best SEO tools for Bloggers

Majestic SEO

Best SEO tools for Bloggers1

If you are looking for a tool that is comprehensive and is advanced then there is no other choice than Majestic SEO.

  • This services targets the link intelligence and domain centered metrics
  • It comes with tools like backlink history provider, site explorer, comparator, keyword checker, and clique hunter
  • You can avail most of its services for free, but you need to pay to take each of the services provided by this tool

Google Keyword Planner

Best SEO tools for Bloggers2

This service would have been used by every pro blogger that gives the exact report of number of searches on particular keywords so that you can easily select your keyword. It even suggest you the trending and latest keywords and also tells the number of searches for that keyword.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Best SEO tools for Bloggers9

This is the website crawling spider that will help you to analyze the website minutely and take the complete inventory of your website for good SEO.

  • It examines your CSS, scripts, apps, links, and images
  • It even find the broken links, redirect errors, and broken errors


Best SEO tools for Bloggers3

It comes with online and offline tools and contains tool like rank check and link analysis & management.

  • It also contain some premium tools of on-page optimization
  • The site Auditor of this service scans the broken links and any other SEO errors

Virante SEO Tools

Best SEO tools for Bloggers4

This service gives you access to number of off-site and on-site SEO tools that can be used freely on your site.

  • Onsite tools consist of LDA Content Optimizer, keyword density Tool, and Duplicate content tool
  • Off Page SEO tool contains Competitive Analysis Tool, Link Atrophy Tool, and Pagerank retrieval tool

IIS SEO Toolkit

Best SEO tools for Bloggers5

This is the widespread toolkit that has effective tools like Sitemaps, Site Analysis, Site Index modules, Robots Exclusion and much more.

  • Robot Exclusion displays the content from robots
  • Site Analysis have a crawler engine to crawl your website
  • Sitemap and Site Index options provides you ways to edit, add or delete the sitemaps and Site Index

SEO Gadget Tools

Best SEO tools for Bloggers10

These are the free tools that are provided by SEO Gagdget. These tools are really effective for the site SEO and include:

  • Link Classification Tool
  • Special SEO gadget Tool for Excel that provides reports and infer data

SEO Site Tools

Best SEO tools for Bloggers6

It is the SEO extension provided by Google Chrome that displays the data on page which is collected from different websites. It contains:

  • Alexa Traffic Details
  • Quancast Rank
  • Google Pagerank
  • Meta Tags presentations
  • Social media Reactions

Moz SEO Toolbar

Best SEO tools for Bloggers7

This toolbar works well on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and will provide you with real time access to SEO metrics. Some other features include detailed SERP analysis and highlighted links and keywords.


Best SEO tools for Bloggers8

It is another useful tool that will help you out in getting the suggestions for some keywords based on your main keyword. It can suggest you really good keywords that are helpful in ranking your blog.