Black Hat SEO: Reasons, Techniques and Disadvantages

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Black hat SEO is the practice to improve the search engine visibility of a website and thus improve its rank. Term black hat had been originated from English movies to symbolize the bad guys. This term is more popularly used to describe computer hackers and people doing unethical actions. Black hat SEO helps in improving the page visibility drastically, but if detected by powerful search engine like Google, the site is taken down immediately from the rankings. There are many reasons that will help you answer the question why not to use black hat SEO on blog. But before that, let us know more about black hat SEO.

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Why People do Black Hat SEO?

There are plenty of reasons to why people move to black hat SEO and suffer at last. Here are some common reasons that let the people to do black hat SEO.

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  • The result of white hat SEO takes time to boom. In such situations most of the people looses hope and start trying something wrong called by name black hat SEO
  • They see that most of the sites are growing fast and think that these sites are adopting Black hat techniques. SO, they begun to try those
  • Moreover, the black hat SEO techniques give them quick and instant results and this help them to get motivation and continue to use such techniques
  • Black hat SEO is much easier and it takes fewer efforts to grow the site with these techniques

What are the most Common Black Hat SEO Techniques?

Here are some of the most common Black Hat SEO practices that are done to improve the site rankings in quick succession.

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  • Keyword Stuffing: This is one of the most common black hat SEO techniques which boost the website traffic. The website owner uses a single keyword more than the required density in the article to rank it higher on search engines.
  • Hidden Text: This means that a website owner inserts too many keywords in form of text that are same in color as background so that it can only be seen by search engines, not by human readers.
  • Page Cloaking: It means that the site owner serves a different page to search engine and the same page is served differently to the human reader.
  • Link Building and Commenting: This is another common black hat SEO technique that is popular these days. Site owners tend to build number of links with a particular keyword to rank that particular keyword on top of search engine.
  • Content Copying: Site owners these days have gone smarter. They do not tend to write their own content, but copy content from different websites to make it a single content for their website. They might use different article spinning tools to do so.

Why not to Use Black Hat SEO on blog?

Now here comes the major question. You must not use black hat SEO on your blog because:

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  • Black hat SEO though makes your website rank higher on search engines, but as soon as it is detected by search engines, your website ranking falls from the search engine.
  • There is always a risk that your website is penalized by the search engine for using such fall methods to rank your website
  • Ad serving network on your website may get blocked, if the advertisers get to know about it
  • All your efforts are wasted , once your website is penalized
  • Your website may go out of the list from ranking of search engines

These were some reasons that can clearly tell you that why should you not use Black hat SEO to rank your website.