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Photography is the enlarged field in itself. There is wider scope associated with photography and people are going on to invent a new form of photography every now and then. The cameras and the technology used in them had become so advanced that anything weird can also be captured in them. Underwater photography is the transient form of photography that had been discovered much later with the help of technology.

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Underwater photography covers the video and photo sessions inside the water. It is quite interesting form of photography and has great career scope. Earlier cameras were not capable of capturing the photos under water, but these days there are cameras that can capture great photos inside the water. This type of photography is made for scuba divers, who enjoy underwater. Also, many movies involving stunts in or inside the water use such photography. There are certain things to consider while capturing the photographs underwater. First of all is- the transparency of water, the depth of water, and the angle of sunlight falling on the water. These factors affect the underwater photography.

Examples of Underwater Photography

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Under Water Photography History

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  • This type of photography was first experimented by William Thompson, who captured underwater photographs by mounting the camera on pole
  • Louis Boutan dived inside the water to capture underwater photographs in 1893
  • Charles Marin & W.H Longley in 1926 took colored underwater photographs by magnesium flash
  • Jean De Wouters designed the first camera to take underwater photographs nicely

But, underwater photography had only gone popular in last two decades and is surprising people with most brilliant example of underwater photography.

Basics of Underwater Photography

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Underwater photography is really very different from other forms of photography and requires good focus and proper learning.

  • If you wish to get a good quality photograph then make sure that the distance of object and camera must be as close as 12 inches. This will minimize the blur effect because as far as you go inside water to capture images, the blur effect increases
  • The camera must have high light flash to get maximum clarity while clicking the photograph
  • You need to capture the object standing little upward to the object to avoid the image centering
  • If you wish to utilize the natural light while capturing the photos under water then the sun must be sitting at your back
  • You also need to learn proper lightening techniques to capture good photographs
  • Seawater often can damage for your camera. You must dry the camera with a towel and should remove the sand from the blower. Make sure you clean the O-Ring carefully. Clean the indented camera section with cotton

Dealing with Light inside water

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There is little light under the water and it keeps going darker and darker as we keep going down. Also, color intensity of photos keep on changing with every inch you move down. Follow these tips to click perfect underwater photographs.

  • Water under the surface is not at all clear and contains suspended particles. Therefore, some of the light is absorbed. Also get closer to the subject to click nice photographs and capture HD photos.
  • The camera aperture must be set at the priority mode
  • You should ensure that the shutter speed of your camera is low so that maximum light can enter at the time of clicking of photograph

If you wish to capture quality photographs under the water, make sure you choose quality camera for the same. Go for expensive cameras with more features and fine quality

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