20 Free Landing Page Templates 2015

20 Free Landing Page Templates 2015

With the rapid growth of mobile app usage all over the world, technologies related to that extent are also developing day by day. After developing an app it is not that each and every people will start using it. Rather a developer has to make the publicity of that app; otherwise it will remain unknown to the users. For that one of the great way is to create landing pages for your mobile app. Landing pages are nothing but a website containing all the necessary information about a particular app with a download option to the users. Now these landing pages should be very unique, attractive and creative so that the users get attracted to it by a single look. But if you need some templates for creating your own landing page, you are at the right place with a vast collection of free landing page templates 2015.

Smart App – Free responsive Bootstrap 3 app landing page:


Landing Sumo freebie – Freebie Landing Page:


Flatty – App Landing Page Template:


App Plus – Free App Landing Page Template:


AppPonsive – Free Portfolio Landing Page:


App Landing – Free Responsive App Landing Page Website Template:


Fit Plain – One Page Creative Portfolio Template:


Appstar – One page Portfolio & App Landing:


OkidoApp – Responsive Retina Ready Landing Page:


Sampler – Creative Showcase:


Crisper – Nice, Crispy and Creative Landing Page:


Reydeo – Responsive HTML Landing Page:


Launchpad – Responsive app Landing Page:


Reel – Simple, Responsive App Showcase:


Click and Play – App landing Page:


Mobility App – iPad, iPhone and Android App Theme:


Superawesome – Retina Bootstrap App Landing Page:


Appdev – Mobile App Showcase WordPress Theme:


Kodax – Full Screen Landing Page:


Socializer – Responsive Landing Page:


Landing page templates normally saves the time and cost both and help the beginner web designers to create a professional looking outputs. Normally these templates are so richly made that each and every single comes with extra ordinary as well as modern features. All are highly customizable and loaded with great color combinations. Now the choice depends on you, which one is the best for your desired work. Some people like rich design while some prefers simple looks. Some like deep color combinations and some people go with light colors. So obviously everything depends on your choice. But it is always recommended to customize the templates to the full extent using your creativity so that it remains unique.