How To Build Your Own App


From its very beginning the scenario of internet world is changing from time to time. Actually due to the rapid growth of technology the web world being a crucial part of it is updating rapidly. Nowadays, other than website development the application development has also become very popular. Actually the main reason behind it is the wide acceptance of smart phones around the world. People love to stay attached with their smart phones all the time as a result the use of PC’s has come down. All over with this transformation the emergence of a different world that is mobile app development is in a great rise now. So if you are looking up next in how to build your own app then there are some tools which will help you to do that in just few minutes. Here is a list of such fantastic tools in the market.

Knack- Create online Databases

1- Knack- Create online Databases

Knack is a very easy and interesting platform for developers. You can make your own app with their easy procedures and DIY tools provided by then exclusively for you all. The cloud service can easily be integrated by JavaScript or web API. It is although not very old but gained a large popularity within a very short time because of its amazing features. There are lots of famous companies who are using this platform one such example is

Codica- Pure HTML 5 with jQuery Mobile

2- Codica- Pure HTML 5 with jQuery Mobile

This tool is for the people strong in designing and weak in developing. It comes with drag and drop feature by which you can easily create a mobile prototype. The main feature is that it builds your app with HTML 5 components which is a latest version at present. Yes you can make your desired iOS or android app in just fraction of minutes. Also it comes loaded with various fantastic components. So no coding needed if you are weak in that.

Kinvey- Bring store ready mobile apps to market faster

3- Kinvey- Bring store ready mobile apps to market faster

This one is the most technical cloud based app development platform in this list. And if you have knowledge about programming then this is the most powerful tool in the market. There are many major international companies who have used Kinvey to build their apps. No doubt it allows its user to create a mesmerizing app faster with a very less effort. So strong developers this is the best choice for you. Cloud Based Mobile App Builder

4- Cloud Based Mobile App Builder

This is a very popular platform previously known as Tiggzi. It is very easy to use and comes with a simple interface. It supports all types of popular mobile devices such as Android, iOS and Windows. The drag and drop visual builder tool also makes the development procedure easier. They describe themselves as “Cloud Based HTML 5, jQuery Mobile and Hybrid Mobile App Builder”.

Conduit- Make Free Mobile Apps

5- Conduit- Make Free Mobile Apps

It is the simplest app builder in this list. Yes you can make a high end mobile app for Android and iOS in just minutes. It includes various components like Social Feed, RSS, events, e-commerce, notifications and more. The most amazing part is that they will submit your app to various leading app stores for you. And if you are a non-technical then it’s the right option for you. The API for Custom Analytics

6- The API for Custom Analytics

There is no gain in making a modern app without a modern analytics. If you are just a bit tech savvy and have knowledge of development then probably you can go with this option. It is a trustworthy cool service for you all.

Few other Good Platforms you can have a look:


7- Canvas

It makes easier to publish data collection apps on smartphones.


8- Weejot

Make Mobile apps in minutes.


9 - Appcelerator

Create and Manage Native Mobile Apps across Devices.

jQuery Mobile

10 - jQuery Mobile

Touch Optimized web Framework for Smart Phones and Tablets.