How to Start a Blog and Make Money– Complete Guide!

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How to make money is a big question for everyone.This article how to start a blog and make money will give you complete guide on making money from blogging. To earn money is never an easy task for anyone. How to earn money is a big question for everyone as everyone has to struggle hard to earn money due to which online earning is increasing at a very fast rate. These days, people prefer to earn online instead of doing jobs in offices, companies, workshops or at any other place. There are so many methods of online earning; out of which blogging is one of the best methods to earn online. Blogging is very much popular in the past few years. There was a time when only few people knew about blogging, but nowadays, there are so many bloggers which exactly know how to earn money through blogging. Earning money through blogging is not an easy task, but if you learn blogging tips in a well-defined way then blogging looks very simple.

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1. Choose a Perfect Domain Name

Firstly, you have to choose a domain name which should match the theme of your blog. Then take a good hosting service and host this domain on it.

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  • The domain name should be simple and easy to read.
  • The domain name should not have special characters.

2. Choose the Topics that you are Passionate about

Always choose topics that you are passionate about so that it becomes easier for you to write on such topics. You can easily write on such topics and can easily explore the topics as well.

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  • Always do blogging on your favourite topic.
  • Blogging takes you to the other world of writing.

3. Better SEO

It is necessary for every blogger to do search engine optimization in a better way on their blog. You need to learn SEO tips for that. You should know the use of keywords in an article.

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  • It helps in getting a lot of visitors on your blog.
  • It also helps in increasing your popularity in the online world.

Ways to Earn through Blogging

(i).Affiliate Marketing

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It is one of the best methods to earn through blogging. You just need to make an account on various affiliate marketers and they provide you the scripts or codes. Then you need to paste this code on your site and when your blog generates any lead from this code and then the company gives you some percentage of that lead.

(ii).Google AdSense

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It is one of the most commonly and widely used methods to earn through blogging. You can easily register with Google AdSense and earn a huge amount with the help of AdSense. You just need to paste the code provided by Google.

(iii).Register on other Advertisers

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One can also register on various other advertisers like Info links, Tyroo, Affinity and many more other advertisers to earn money through blogging with the help of these advertisers.

(iv).Sponsors Ads

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If your blog become popular and getting a huge traffic, then so many companies target you to sponsor their ads on your blog. It is the other method to earn money through blogging.

It is necessary for you to think twice before start the blogging. Blogging demands a lot of patience. Dedication must be also required for blogging. It is also necessary for you to be motivated and passionate all the time. It is simply significant to understand the importance of blogging. Never think to do blogging as a part time. Make it as a career option. It will surely give you a better future in terms of earning and popularity as well.