How to Take Great Close-Up Photos


We see many pictures that are taken from a close distance. In common we say these pictures as close-up photos. Close-up photos are either taken from a very close distance or with a powerful lens from slight far distance. Close-up photos are quiet interesting as we can see very small details, which is almost impossible for us to see with normal eye. This department or genre of photography is termed as macro photography. In technical terms the photography which shows an object in the photograph, larger than its life size is known as macro photography.


Doing macro photography is not that easy job. It needs a lot of technical expertise and high quality photographic equipments. The photographers dealing with macro photography need to have good sense of operating cameras and technical sense as well. First of all, the main thing in macro photography to deal with is focus. Dealing with focus in macro photography is really a challenge.  While we zoom a lot to capture any object very closely, the depth of field become shallower. When your focus will not be right your image will go out of focus. So, in times, you will not be able to take the whole object in focus so there you will have to take a certain part of the object as a focus and leave the rest to remain out of focus. It is not grammatically wrong but also sometimes looks very smooth if taken in a creative way.

Some tips related to macro-photography :

Using Close-up mode or macro mode



While taking a macro photograph, you should always select the close-up mode in your camera. Close-up helps in taking photograph of an object which is very close to your camera lens. Another big point is that when you select a close-up mode, you will notice that the camera is focusing at the center which makes your focusing much easier.


Don’t move the camera


After finalizing your focus please don’t move your camera. You camera lens will lose its focus if moved. As a result your image output will be blurry. Even after focusing, you move your camera slight a bit, wait for some seconds in that position and allow your camera to get the focus. Then you click the photograph.

Avoid using flash


Using flash is not good for macro photography. If you use flash on close up object your picture will be damaged. So it’s much better to avoid flash and look for some other light source.


Watch the auto-focus

Supermarket Bikes

As you know that in case of macro photography, the depth of field becomes shallower. As a result focus is a great point here. If you are using auto focus mode then sometimes you camera may focus on the background instead of focusing on the main object. In such case, the main object will get blurred in the picture. If you are using close-up mode, then keep the main object in center as the camera automatically focuses in the center.


Shoot in cloudy weather


If you want to bring details in your macro photograph, then light and shadow is a great factor. You should know that sunny weather is not good for macro photography you should always prefer cloudy weather. Bright sunlight creates dark shadows that block many details of an object but the sunlight which comes penetrating the clouds is much good due to its smoothie nature.


Probably you are now ready with your camera and equipments to step out for some macro shots. We tried to help you with all the necessary tips about macro photography so that you can get some really good shots.