30 Incredible 3D Pencil Sketches for art Lovers

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Sketching is a complete work of art which one would like to see. Various people takes it as their hobby and use different forms of pencil art to create some of the best drawings which are capable enough to attract attention of many people. The worst part about the pencil sketching is that people give away with this hobby without giving any chance to it. This is really not done, and every person should give it a chance because this hobby can completely change your life, it can be opted as your profession as well.
The 3D Pencil sketches take this art to a complete different level, where you think out of the page. Yes you have heard right, the combinations and sketching are such that it creates an effect out of the page. One can use 3D tips and techniques while creating such a sketch.

3D Pencil Sketches for art Lovers

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Tips for 3D Pencil Sketching

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Following are the tips and techniques which can be used for 3D drawing;

  • Lighting: Shading the area is a lot important, shade the area furthest from a lighter source. Make sure that the point where light falls should be the lightest on the paper, and then they should be shaded darker as and when they get farther from the light.
  • Perspective: Another rule of the sketching is the objects far off look small whereas the ones which are closer look big. So one should keep this in mind while drawing.
  • You have to draw outside the page, i.e. the hand of the artist is the key and can be used for reinforcing the illusion of the piece. All this depends on the love, passion and skill of the artist.
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