20 jQuery Game Development Tutorials


Games have always been a most liked topic among the tech savvies. May be it’s a computer game or a mobile game it is always liked by all ages. With time the gaming arena has made a great advancement and nowadays careers related to gaming is also in a super hot position. When coming to the technical part of game building the most vital point arises about developing a game. Game developers around the world is going through a very good time and overall these things the new generation teenagers are also getting attracted more and more towards the game development. As a result we came up with a list of jQuery game development tutorials which are useful for both the beginners as well as professionals.

Pong.js- jQuery Pong Game


It is a simple JavaScript library to add a single player pong game to any website using jQuery and other basic HTML elements and styles.

Phaser-2D game framework for HTML 5 games


Phaser is a funny game framework for making HTML 5 games for both desktop and mobiles supporting Canvas and WebGL rendering.

HTML 5 JavaScript Gem Game with Saved Scoreboard


In this tutorial you will learn to make a beautiful game using CSS and JavaScript keeping in mind of the modern techniques.

Photocradle.js- jQuery Gallery integration with Flickr or Picasa


jQuery image gallery that delivers photos on services like Flickr and Picasa to your personal website or a blog.

CanvasQuery- jQuery HTML 5 Canvas library for Game Developers


It is a great library for the HTML 5 canvas elements which allows it to be used with jQuery like Syntax. Also it shows many common manipulation methods for game developers.

Easystar.js – Javascript A* Pathfinding Library for HTML 5 games


A* is very useful for game development as it is an algorithm to find shortest path between two points. If you are willing to make a tile based game, then go for it.

jqPuzzle – Customizable Sliding Puzzles with jQuery


This is a very useful tool to create sliding puzzles for your web page. Put an image on your webpage jqPuzzle will automatically turn it into an image puzzle.

jQuery Pinterest Style gallery plugin


If you want to create a pinterest style gallery in your webpage then this tool is the right choice for you.

jPong – 3D Pong created with jQuery


It is a pretty amazing creation made by using jQuery. You can also see the source code.

Babylon.js – Building 3D games with Javascript and HTML 5


Babylon.js is a simple framework to create 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL.

Jaguar – jQuery Adventure Game engine


This is a must have tool for creating Adventure Games. It uses HTML tags and minimal CSS.



It’s an HTML 5 game framework for building games for all modern touch screen devices and desktops.



Pathfinding library for grid based games. Here you will find library which can be easily incorporated into web games.

cgScene Graph


A cross platform animation framework written in Javascript. It can be used in development of your applications and games.



This is a jQuery plug-in that allows the display and management of a 2D isometric map.

How to create a puzzle game using jQuery


Here in this tutorial you will be shown in details how to make a puzzle game using jQuery.

Create a Jigsaw Puzzle using jQuery and PHP


Jigsaw puzzles are very interesting. Here you will get a tutorial to make professional jigsaw puzzle using jQuery and PHP.

Make a Snake game using HTML 5 Canvas and jQuery


Here learn to make a simple snake game using jQuery and HTML 5 canvas.

jKill jQuery Based Mobile Game


Point and shoot games are very funny. Create such a game using jQuery.

jQuery Typing Game with Demo


This is a type of experiment which results in a typing game. You can get a great idea about making these types of games through this tutorial.