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There is no way of argument that today each and every website needs a mobile friendly version for the mobile device users. Day by day the consumption of mobile internet is increasing and as a result each and every popular websites are being forced to develop their mobile optimized website version. The only aim when making a mobile website is to be making it fully accessible by the user from almost all the mobile devices irrespective of size and resolution. And it is to be said that jQuery has made it possible for the developers to go through the process with an ease. This article will showcase some exciting jquery mobile examples.

Jquery Mobile Examples

Slider Pro

jquery mobile examples

Slider pro is a unique, responsive and touch enabled jQuery Slider plug-in that allows the users to create elegant sliders.

Editable Listview


It is a mobile listview widget that comes with an attractive UI allowing insertion of new list items and removing the existing one.



This is a simple tool to allow track pad swipes when you have disabled scrolling on your site.



Shifter is a jQuery for simple slide out mobile navigation. It works by checking for target elements and binding events to them.



Glide is also a touch friendly jQuery slider plug-in. It is very simple, faster and light weight. This slider is based on CSS3 transitions.



This plug-in transform your navigation menu from a list to a select menu when resizing your browser.



It is a free plug-in and one of the most modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior. It can be also used for various purposes like mobile websites, apps etc.



This is a jQuery mobile plug-in to give Flip board app like effects. It works efficiently on almost all web kit browsers.

jQuery Navobile


this plug-in makes your navigation process easier. It also uses CSS to apply CSS3 transitions.

Slide Toucher


It is a touch enabled jQuery plug-in for content swiping. It supports both horizontal and vertical swipes.

jQuery TouchSwipe Carousel


This plug-in can be used to detect the swipe events on touch input devices.

Item Slide


Item Side is a jQuery plug-in for touch enabled carousel that works both on desktop and mobiles.

Owl Carousel 2


A fully responsive, touch friendly carousel for jQuery and Zepto. It comes with vast features and customizations.



iScroll is a high performance JavaScript Scroller with lot of outstanding features. It is multi platform and can handle any element that needs to be moved with user interaction.



This plug-in is to be used with jQuery on touch input devices such as iPad, iPhone etc.

R.T.P Slider


It is an extremely flexible and versatile slider plug-in. It supports mobile browsers and touch devices.

Touch Image Gallery


A simple image gallery that serves in both mobile and desktop browsers. It is both touch and swipe friendly.



You can use this plug-in to create app like sliding menus for your mobile website and any other responsive website.

Dragend Js


It is a swipe plug-in for jQuery. It uses hammer.js for observing multi touch gestures.

Responsive Nav


Responsive Nav allows a user to create toggled navigation for small screens. It uses CSS3 transitions for the best possible performance.

Note: I do not claim these jquery mobile examples as mine.  I just have collected them from different sources. If anyone got problem with that just write me an email and I will remove the particular one.