Mobile Website vs. Mobile App (Application)

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Nowadays, due to the growth of mobile web almost every business organization is trying to make their presence in this world. But the fact is that very few people possess a clear idea about the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app. According to the looks these two things looks almost same but their work and nature is quite a bit different. So before choosing the ideal one you should know the details about these two and then choose the suitable one for your business concern.


Difference between a Mobile App and a Mobile Website:

Both these things can be accessed from almost all smart phones maybe it’s running on iOS, Android or Windows mobile. So you should not think about it. Rather you should look into the matter of their nature and characteristics.

Mobile website is very similar to a normal website the only fact is that it is designed keeping in mind about the particular resolution of the devices. As a normal website it is also built with browser based HTML pages. So like a full fledged website it can also display ads, images, videos, text content etc.

Mobile apps are actual applications which can be downloaded to your device and installed rather than using a browser. These installed apps pull all the datas from the internet for the users for accessing it online or may be offline. These applications don’t user your browser instead they are developed in a specific manner to access internet on their own.

So, the root work is almost same between the two but with some differences in the working nature.


Which is Better- an App or a Website?

When this question arises in your mind the better answer is that it fully depends on the purpose of your work. These two are of great use but it is always responsible on the purpose of your mobile presence. Suppose you are a game developer and you have developed a game for mobile devices, then the best option for you is going with mobile apps. But if you want to provide mobile friendly contents to your users then mobile website should be your choice. Again in some cases you may need both according to your purpose.  But normally mobile website should be your first initiative for making a good online presence for mobile devices.

Advantages of Mobile Websites:



  1. Compatibility: Mobile websites are compatible across various types of devices. Whereas mobile needs a specific platform to run. Actually every mobile app is to be made differently for different operating systems.
  2. Upgrade ability: When you will think of updating your database, in case of websites you can update it from your side and from the next visit users will get the access of updated version. But in case of apps you have to update but finally the update depends on the hand of user, as they have to update their downloaded version.
  3. Existence: According to an average study the longevity of a mobile website is much more than an app. If your app is not unique it may even last for just a month or two. But a website will last forever till it is not deleted intentionally.
  4. Time and Cost: Building a mobile website will cost you less than an app. Actually mobile websites can be also built in a very short period. Again if you are thinking of making mobile app you will have to make multiple apps for various OS which will cost you a large amount of money.
  5. Immediacy: A mobile website can be viewed instantly via mobile web browsers. But an app needs to be downloaded first then installed so obviously it will take some more time.

Situations when App makes a sense:


  1. Offline access: When you are going to provide offline access to contents or functions, then app is ideal for your work.
  2. Regular Usage and Personalization: If your app is being used in a regular basis and in a personalized way then an app is the right platform to do that.
  3. Gaming: If you are going to offer unique games to your users then mobile app is the only way of service.

But the fact is that as long as mobile devices will exist in this world this controversy or question will also exist as which is better “Mobile App vs. Mobile Website”. So the only way to solve it out is you should think about your purpose and then finally decide which one is the suitable option for you. This particular choice always depends on you and the nature of work of your business concern. Think about the best and get a perfect solution.