9 Necessary Things to Avoid while Web Designing


Web designing is one of the emerging fields over the internet and is the growing profession all over the world. It has great opportunities for both companies and the individuals too. Companies can build market and take projects while the individual can also work for the company or even can take the freelance projects of web designing. Web designing is vast field and need the specialization in any one of the core web languages. Web designing is a difficult job for people who are new. But the expert and talented people can do it in an easier manner. Here is the list of things to avoid while web designing.

Things to avoid while web designing

Things to Avoid while Web Designing

(i) Do not use cutting edge technology

This is one of the biggest web designing mistakes that must be avoided by a good web designer. It may be very tempting to make use of newest technology.

  • Using new technology, there is always the risk of non-supportability of the browser.
  • So, you may lose the customer instead of gaining them.
  • You must be very careful while using this technology.

(ii) Sound or Video must not start Automatically

There are many websites on which the sound or videos might start automatically.

  • This might be very irritating some times
  • It can distract the customers.
  • You must avoid use of such auto played sounds and videos while web designing.

(iii) Overuse of Flash Content

Even if you are a flash designer, you must avoid showing too much of your Flash skills. The overuse of Flash while web designing, is one of the biggest web designing mistakes by designers.

  • The flashy content is distracting
  • It appears like a commercial advertisement

(iv) The site/app loading Time should not be low

While designing the website or any other web app, you must keep in mind that the usesr prefer things that are loaded instantly.

  • Try to create a responsive design
  • Do not use too much space on your website and keep it simple to improve loading times

(v) Make the content scannable

This is one of the best web designing tips that designers must keep in mind. Content is everything. Make sure that users get the content with proper understanding.

  • Make use of informative images
  • Cut down the paragraphs and split information in bullets or points

(vi) Do not automatically make the visitor subscribed for site

You must not make the visitor subscribe to things o your website or app automatically. This may cause discomfort to the user.

(vii) Avoid using fancy and tiny fonts

The fonts that are tiny and too much fancy might be unreadable many a times. The main aim of designing is to impress the user with proper designing and content.

  • Try to use the commonly used fonts on website
  • The size of the font must be readable

(viii) Do not resize the user’s browser window

The window on which user is reading the web app or website must not be resized. If the browser window of user resize automatically user might be distracted or may feel unsafe. This will make user to go away from your site instantly.

(ix) Do not clutter the website with badges

The website you design must not be cluttered with badges.

  • Avoid too many advertising network or badges
  • Only use the informative links of other website on your site

These were some of the common web designing mistakes that most of the designers might commit while designing the website or any other web application. So, it is better to take precautions before you start your webs designing venture.