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The Pocket Drone – A personal Flying Robot


Pocket Drone is a personal robot that can fly and capture the fantastic images and videos from the sky. It is world’s first multi copter that can easily carry a quality camera and fold up into 7 inch tablet. Year 2014, is the Year of Drones. Aerial capturing of images with the launch of Pocket Drone had gained popularity and is one of the most prominent innovations in technology.

Key Features of The Pocket Drone

pocket drone

  • Compact design and unique cutting edge
  • It is really very easy to fly and maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Offers maximum payload
  • Autopilot mode with advanced software system
  • Made up of quality stuff
  • It is completely upgradeable
  • Have multiple safety features

This project was also selected as one of the finalist in TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2014 at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

Development of project- The Pocket Drone

pocket drone

The designers of this flying machine were not satisfied of drone designs they have seen till now. They tested several powerful kits available in the market, but none of them was suitable to meet there requirements. This resulted in strong efforts of the designers to create something out of nothing. Soon after their hard work, they succeeded in creating the awesome machine – The Pocket Drone. It is the smallest heavy lift micro copter of the world. Pocket Drone is a powerful machine that had been tested several times before its launch. It is capable of capturing images and videos while flying in air.

History of Aerial Images

pocket drone

The history of aerial photography is very long and interesting. The aerial photography started with kite based camera in 1906 by George Lawrence. He succeeded in capturing the photos of disaster caused by earthquake in San Fransisco.

These photographs became most popular photographs of all time and were priced at $15000 for prints. It will cost you $375000, if you buy it today.

The Pocket Drone is one believed to be the improved successor of this kite based camera and enables the user to enjoy great aerial photography.

Technicalities of Pocket Drone


Unique cutting edge and compact design

  • Built in landing gears
  • Built in camera
  • Folding propellers
  • Telescopic tail frame
  • Innovative swing arm
  • Travel case included

Easy to fly and maintain

  • You can pick your controller system
  • It can be controlled from android phone, tablet or USB port
  • It is speedy
  • Very inexpensive to repair and maintain
  • DSM compatible radio controller

Lightweight and maximum payload

  • It is stable and accurate
  • It weighs nearly around 1 pound
  • Have ability to carry half pound payload
  • It carries an action camera just like GoPro

Quick to deploy and ready to fly

  • You can fly it in air as soon as you take it out from the box
  • Deploys within 20 seconds
  • Speedy recharge system

Autopilot and advanced software

  • Flight controls, algorithms, and good connectivity
  • Fly with GPs waypoints
  • 6axis accelerometers, barometric sensor, 3axis gyroscopes
  • Supports ‘Follow Me’ mode, head-free mode
  • Android, iPhone, PC, MAC, Linux compatible
  • Real time flight data

You get longer flight times within $500

  • You can have longer flight times
  • It can fly for 20 minutes
  • It has built in low power alarm.

Made up of quality products

  • Robust and durable airframe
  • Carbon fiber components
  • Advanced high quality plastic resins

Upgradeable and expandable

  • Flight controller is programmable
  • You can configure the mobile app
  • You can add real time video transmission

Multiple built-in safety features

  • Minimal damage from prop strike
  • Exclusive refraction and propeller design
  • Less spin in prop area
  • Lesser noise

Development Process of Pocket Drone


Pocket Drone is a multi-rotor that had been developed by the designers keeping in mind- the need of small size, more payload, and good flight times. It can be folded easily and will be smaller than 7 inch tablet. It is made up of carbon fiber with quality plastic resins. It has a simple and easy design that helps it to take flight and fly efficiently. It is embedded with in-built camera, battery alarm, GPS system, smart sensors and many unique features that you even can’t imagine of.

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