Tools To Create a Mobile Version of Website


In a survey around the world it is seen that around 70 percent of the total internet users around the world use portable mobile devices for surfing. If you have an option for surfing internet in your pocket, then why will you go with a large computer setup? The main advantage of using mobile devices is its access to internet anywhere any time. But at a time this had become a great tension for developer as creating mobile websites was not that common at first. But from time to time it became very popular and lot of tools became available on the internet for the ease of web developers. But do you know about the best trending tools in the market at present? Have a look into the list of best tools to create a mobile version of website.



Wirenode is a very popular and technical tool for creating mobile websites. Many big companies like Nokia, Reebok, Ford etc have used this tool to build their website. According to their claim, about 50,000 websites around the world use their website generator for creating a mobile device friendly website. You can use the free plan but the paid plans will provide you with more features. So it’s better to choose one of the paid plans.



This tool comes with a very easy to use interface. The most amazing fact is that they guarantees making a mobile friendly website in just some minutes. There are 13 customizable templates available for the users among then you have to choose one according to your choice.



This is the best option for WordPress platform users. Yes this tool automatically turns your WordPress website into a mobile device. Also you can use it as a plug-in in your website. So isn’t that easy to create a mobile version with this tool.



It is loaded with lots of features and setting for customizing your mobile website version. The price of this tool ranges from $7.95 to $199 per month according to the use of features. Actually it’s an ideal tool for news media, small and medium scale businesses.



Mobify allows its users to create a mobile website with the help of GUI which is very user friendly. It’s a matter of few minutes that you can create a fantastic version of your website for any type of mobile devices. For the e-commerce users, Mobify has its own Mobile Commerce platform.

Mippin Mobilizer

6-Mippin Mobilizer

If you have a very short time in your hand and you have to complete making the mobile version of your website in a hurry obviously go for this tool. All you have to do is add some codes in your website, enter your URL, configure some options and sign-up for an account. As soon as you will be completed with the full process, you will see a preview on the right hand side of the screen.



This tool is ideal to create an online community for your website. The amazing thing is that it generates a QR code and a two-dimensional code which can be scanned by mobiles using QR scanners. And this QR code can be used in various purposes like printing on Visiting card, ads, other brand materials etc.



It is a very simple framework to create a touch app for iPhone and iPad. It can be used by even anyone who doesn’t have knowledge of HTML. The main purpose of using this tool is that it comes full free and remembers that it is not so user friendly like the other tools in this list.