20 Top Free Windows Phone Application

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Windows OS for mobile is not so popular till now in the worldwide market. May be due to some reasons Android and iOS is highly accepted by the users all over. But you should know that Windows OS also comes with some outstanding features and it is one of its kind. But some of the most powerful mobile devices in this world are loaded with Microsoft’s Windows OS mobile. So we can’t see it in a hatred way. If you start using windows in that sense you will start knowing its good and powerful sides. But apart from all these things you should also know that windows mobile also supports some powerful as well as useful apps. Here we have made a list of top free windows phone applications.

Internet Apps:

Opera Mobile

1 - Opera Mobile

Opera mobile is one of the most used internet browsing apps in mobiles regardless of operating systems. It is available for all the mobile operating systems such as Android, Blackberry OS etc.

Web Viewer

2- Web Viewer

It is an expansion of web browsing tool with a tab extension facility. It allows the user to save the opened website and a lot more features.



This is an instant messaging service allowing the user to instant message in Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN etc.


4 - Whatsapp

It is a widely popular mobile messaging service by which you can send text, photos, videos as well as audio files. Whatsapp is free for the first year but chargeable from the second year of usage. But the rate is quiet negligible $0.99.

Twit Today

5- Twit Today

This is a plug-in for Today Screen. It allows the user to post on the Twitter account. So you are getting your twitter account on the mobile.


Softkey Manager

7.1 - Softkey Manager

This app allows a user to edit the soft keys on the Today Screen. It is very useful and a must have app.


8- Capsure-tile

It is a screen capture app for windows mobiles. You can capture your screen in BMP, GIF, PNG and JPG. Even it allows adding captions and information in the picture.


9 - GSync-tile

GSync allows you to sync the Google calendar with your windows phone. This app is available on three languages English, Dutch and Italian.


10 - ESPN Hub

If you are a sports lover then this a must have application for your windows phone. You will get all the sports related information and stories trending.

Media Players:

Real Player

11 - Real Player

Real Player is a very popular player. This is mobile version for windows.

YouTube Player

12- YouTube Player

This app is great for searching YouTube videos and plays them on mobile.

MPlayer for Windows Mobile

13 - MPlayer for Windows Mobile

This is a very useful app which allows the user to play flash videos as well as other different video codecs.

Pocket Player

14 - pocket player

It is a great app to enjoy music and videos on your windows phone. It supports various multimedia formats and other outstanding features.

The Core Pocket Media Player

15-The Core Pocket Media Player

It is also named as TCPMP. It supports almost all audio and video formats in the arena. So now it’s time to enjoy in your windows phone.

Phone Applications:


16 - Skype

Skype is a very popular medium for making video calls and now it is available for your windows mobile. This is an official app from Skype and allows you to make Skype calls from your mobile.

Call Firewall

17- Call Firewall

This is one of the coolest blacklisting and white listing apps available free for windows mobiles. It also comes with an outstanding feature that it will send an SMS to the blocked call numbers mentioning the reasons why they are blocked.


18 - iDialer

iDialer is a simple app that changes the look of your dialer in windows phone. It also offers compatibility with popular internet phone services.

Photo Editor by Aviary


It is a great photo editing app loaded with outstanding editing features. It also comes with some basic enhancement tools.



Amazon’s Kindle free e-book reader is a very popular app nowadays. Reading e-books instead of getting hard copy books from the market is quiet easier. Again you will be getting kindle version of many popular book for free all over the internet.