12 Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers


Photoshop is one of the most widely used tools for designers. Photoshop can be used to enhance the beauty of image, theme, or design and change its look considerably. It is one of the most useful tools ever launched by Adobe for the designers. The WordPress users who are good at Photoshop and wish to use some automated software to do their job, it offers some useful Photoshop Plugins and aid them with multi functionality. Here is the list of some of the useful Photoshop plugins for designers.

Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers1.1

Photoshop Plugins for Designers

Social Kit

Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers1

It aids you with customizable templates for the biggest four networks- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube with a good range of social share buttons.

  • Each template is highly customizable and sliced
  • You can see the changes in design in real time

Pixel Dropr

Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers9

This plugin is made available at $19. You can easily create the collection of 100 pieces of pixels and you can use it throughout the Photoshop document.

Filter Forge

Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers6

This plugin loads the filter options and is priced at 119$. It is the best choice for 3D artists, graphic designers, photographers, and photo editors.

  • It offers thousands of filter effects
  • You can make your own custom effects

Cut & Slice Me

Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers3

It can be used to export your assets to different devices with ease and also improves workflow by naming the layers.

  • Cut and export the files in PNG format
  • Trimming extraneous pixels
  • You can create overlapping slices


Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers4

It exports the screens, detailed design specs and the assets automatically. You just need to use proper prefix and leave it to Render.ly for doing the rest.

  • Keep icons as vector by using the prefix ‘ico’
  • You can design the website or app in single PSD file


Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers5

This plugin lets you to update multi-layer comps in Photoshop at single click. It provides more designing and less maintenance. After selecting the layers, you only need to execute one of the following commands

  • Update layer skin
  • Update Position
  • Update Visibility
  • Update All

Virtual Photographer

Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers7

This plugin is developed by Optik Verve Labs and is available for free. It you are not much familiar with Photoshop then you can create the stylish images using this plugin in an effective and quick manner.


Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers8

This application is specifically aimed at designers and is available for free. Some of its features are:

  • You can retouch the image using this plugin
  • You can make layouts based on the 960 grid system
  • It allows you to add stylish text and buttons quickly


Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers10

This is the handy tool to provide control to your PNG output. It is available for free and also supports metadata saving, variable control, and Alpha Channel control.


Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers11

This application is available for 19$ and is used to create the specs of your design quickly. It is one of the best productivity tools to posses as it creates the measurements throughout the document.

Export Pro

Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers12

This plugin is available for 14.99$ and exports multiple players automatically. It saves a great deal of time. It takes elements from different layers and then exports them individually.

Layrs Control

Useful Photoshop Plugins for Designers2

This is the free plugin that is used to house a good collection of the scripts and allow mundane tasks in Photoshop. It provides following features

  • Layer name editor
  • Options to remove the unused effect
  • Flatten all layers
  • Delete the empty layers
  • Rasterize small objects